How to furnish a garden on the balcony

Ideas, suggestions and complements to decorate the garden on the balcony of your bar.

Any decent garden displays vases, pots, plants and seedlings of different types and of different utility. From Ivy to Mint, from Jasmine to Wisteria: the right plant to decorate the walls of the garden on the balcony should be chosen with the same care with which you choose a real furnishing accessory.

The ideal climbing plants to decorate the vertical garden:
• Ivy
• Pothos
• Jasmine
• Wisteria

As an alternative to climbing plants, the vertical garden can comprise different herbs, such as Sage, Rosemary, Mint and Thyme. Some of these, among other things, also lend themselves to the preparation of famous cocktails. Imagine the charm of seeing the Chef come out of the kitchen or the barman, coming from behind the counter, to come and pick up, directly from the pot, the fresh leaves of these plants.

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If gardening is not your strong suit, it’s better to opt for small succulent plants placed high up in the wall.

Exterior mirrors for more space

Just like for interiors: when space is limited, and when a terrace is surrounded by fences or very high closed walls, mirrors can be a fundamental ally in giving breath to the entire composition.

Even better if it is a very wide mirror, on the wall, surrounded by perennial climbing plants.

Modular tables to transform evenings

In a balcony garden, space management comes first. The environment and the accessories chosen must be easily adaptable to the movement of people and the opportunities offered by the beautiful seasons. If in summer tables and chairs host long evenings under the moon, in spring they must be easily stackable in case of sudden rain.


So what should you choose? The most dynamic choice certainly includes single tables, possibly square, that can easily be transformed into modular solutions. Tables that, if necessary, can accommodate a couple as well as a group of friends or an aperitif with colleagues.


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