What is it meant by garden furniture?

Garden furniture includes all the elements and furnishing accessories that are used to make an outdoor space functional and pleasant. This includes chairs, tables, sunbeds, sofas, beach umbrellas, gazebos, planters, fountains, lighting and all those decorative elements that contribute to creating a welcoming and comfortable environment outside.

Where to buy garden supplies?

Garden items can be purchased at stores specialized in outdoor furniture, garden centres, department stores or even online, on websites dedicated to gardening and outdoor furniture, such as RD Italia.

How to improve the garden?

To improve your garden, you can consider several ideas. For example, you can create distinctive spaces such as a dining area, a relaxation area or an area dedicated to plants. Think about the proper lighting to create atmosphere during the evenings. Use plants and flowers to add color and beauty to the garden. Nonetheless, choose designs and furnishing accessories that are both resistant and suited to your own style and needs.

How to create a welcoming garden?

To create a welcoming garden you can choose comfortable furnishings such as sofas, armchairs and hammocks. Add cushions and blankets to create a more inviting atmosphere. Use fragrant plants and flowers to stimulate the senses. Create shaded areas with pergolas, parasols, or awnings to offer shelter from the sun. Choose carefully your outdoor furniture, selecting the products based on the quality and resistance of the materials: for the outdoors, metal furniture is the most suitable. Finally insert decorative elements such as candles, lanterns or fountains for a touch of magic.

How to make a garden project?

To organize a garden, start by evaluating the size and shape of your outdoor space. Then, make a list of your needs and wants, such as a dining area, flowerbed or lawn. Also consider your guests’ tastes and the maintenance you are willing to devote to the garden. Next, sketch out your garden layout and select plants, flowers, and ornaments that fit to your project. Finally, remember to take into account soil conditions, sun exposure and irrigation.

How to protect garden furniture?

To protect your garden furniture from rain, sun and dust, you can put specific coverings when you are not using it. Furthermore, to preserve its duration over time, you can apply specific protective treatments or coatings for the protection of the material.

How to protect your garden furniture in the winter?

To protect your garden furniture during the winter, it is advisable to store it in a covered place such as a garage or shed. If it is not possible to move the furnishings, you can use special protective covers that protect them from humidity and atmospheric agents. Remove any cushions and store them in a dry place. Also, be sure to clean and dry your furniture carefully before storing it.

Which is the best material for outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture can be made of different materials, including wood, metal, plastic, or rattan. The choice of the material depends on personal taste and the desired style, but it is also important to consider the resistance to bad weather and the ease of maintenance. RD Italia furnishings are made of metal; they are resistant and long-lasting, as well as easy to maintain.

How to choose the garden table?

When choosing a garden table, consider the dimensions available and the number of people that will need to be accommodated. Also, evaluate the material of the table, such as wood, metal, or plastic, based on your aesthetic taste and the characteristics of resistance and maintenance you want: here at RD Italia we offer metal outdoor tables with high resistance and durability.

How to make a garden elegant?

To make a garden elegant you can focus on carefully planning the arrangement of the elements, the use of quality materials, the inclusion of decorative elements such as fountains or sculptures, the use of adequate lighting and the attention to details such as well-maintained planters and lawn.

How to organize outdoor spaces?

To organize outdoor spaces, consider the functionality and use you want to give to each area. For example, create a relaxation area with comfortable seating for your guests, a dining area with table and chairs, a play area for children and maybe an area dedicated to plants or gardening.

What can’t be missing in a garden?

Some elements that cannot be missing in a garden are: plants and flowers, lawn or green surface, comfortable seating, table and chairs for dining or relaxing, adequate lighting for the evening and, if space permits, decorative elements like a fountain or a sculpture.

What to put on a garden table?

On garden tables you can place different elements depending on the occasion. You can place a tablecloth or a decorative centerpiece, plates, cutlery and glasses for having a meal all together. You can also add candles, flowers or potted plants to create a cozy and decorative atmosphere.

How to clean garden furniture?

The cleaning of garden furniture depends on the material it is made of. In general, mild detergents and warm water can be used to remove dirt. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions to avoid any damage or deterioration.

How to clean metal furniture?

To clean metal furniture, use warm water and mild soap. Use a soft cloth to remove dirt and then rinse with clean water. Avoid chemical products and aggressive detergents that could damage the metal.

How to protect metal?

To protect metal furniture, follow the instructions suggested by the manufacturer since metal garden furniture is already protected either with barriers inherent in the raw material, such as pre-galvanized steel, or with protections applied subsequently, such as polyester powder coating for exteriors, that creates a layer of defense.

Which material is non-rusting?

The only metal that doesn’t oxidize is gold. All other metals are subject to oxidation: in the case of steel containing iron, it turns out as rust. Whoever uses steels products aims to slow down the oxidation process. RD Italia uses pre-galvanized steel, where the galvanizing on both sides of the sheet is done in a rolling mill. Having both galvanized surfaces, this material is very resistant to corrosion and oxidation; this happens because zinc oxidizes before iron does, so as long as there is zinc, rust does not appear. However there may be environmental conditions that accelerate the oxidation processes: it is the case of areas with high concentration of salinity, typically near the sea. In these situations it is important to rinse the furniture with fresh water before storing it. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to further protect the steel with a special layer of zinc PRIMER which is applied before painting the color. This primer, which contains additional zinc and is very pasty and sealing, is ideal to close eventual microporosities and counteract the oxidation process. RD Italia furniture is made of metal, or rather pre-galvanized steel, and it is designed to guarantee extreme durability in any climatic condition thanks to the use of pre-galvanized metal sheets and pipes, coated with high thickness zinc.

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