Customization services
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No standard?


RD ITALIA manufactures special orders, adjusting dimensions and shapes according to the customer’s needs thus offering a tailored service. Products can be personalized by modifying existing standard models with creativity and in innovation in order to accommodate the most discerning requests.


All of our products are available in a vast array of RAL powder coat colors. RD will also purchase other specific RAL powder coat colors according to the customer’s needs.


Personalized Logo

RD ITALIA offers the possibility of laser-cutting personalized logos on its products.

The logo can be positioned in many different places, such as the edge of the table, the back rest or the seat of a chair.

Contract line

This product line has been created with the intention of optimizing space both in shipping as well as storage.

Tables are packed disassembled and all chairs and stools are stacked tightly in order maximize all vertical useful space. Special chair storage/moving carts can be ordered for each model.

For Architects and Product Developers

For Architects and product designers that would like us to help develop a specific project we can either personalize and modify an existing standard model or create a completely new model.

RD ITALIA will provide assistance every step of the way, through design meetings and research of special colors and finishes.

In addition full support will be given through shop drawings, 3D modeling, model renderings and prototype development all the way to the industrialized production of the pieces.

Dealer Support

All dealers receive full support from RD ITALIA.

The complete line of outdoor products is manufactured and available to them throughout the year (not seasonally).

Please visit us!

RD ITALIA welcomes anyone interested in visiting our production facility, offering tours of our steelworks, assembly line and product finishing facilities while introducing you to the historical context in which our products are born.

In our region, known for its excellence in industrialized steel manufacturing and for its refined wines and food, we value all that is beautiful and all the good things our lands have to offer.

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