Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

Antonio Lanzillo, born in 1976, has an Italian Degree from Milan Politecnic University.

After a few years of work experience under the internationally renown project designers Marc Sadler and Rodolfo Dordoni he founded his own studio, Antonio Lanzillo and Partners in the new creative district of Lambrate, Milano.

Through his innate sense of curiosity, his respect for the past and his enthusiastic onlook on the future, the designer and his team creates and develop ideas and innovative products.

Arch. Dubi Colak

Dubi Colak, born in 1944, is known in the architectural world with the simple diminutive “Dubi”.

Her background in architectural engineering at first allowed her to express her creativity in the building of residential complexes. Later due to personal interest she dedicated her focus on furniture design and styling.

She has always married design with functionality and practical use with a touch of grace, so as to create comfortable, useful and stylish products. For over 40 years she has developed products for RD ARREDI, her own family company.

Ing. Paolo Favaretti

Paolo Favaretti, born in 1969, graduated with a degree in Engineering from the University of Padua.

His passion for innovative materials and new products drew him towards furniture Research and Development.

With Paolo drawings become reality, where quality and technical properties are paramount.

The final result is always a solid, streamlined, stylish and technologically advanced product.

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