How to choose the outdoor tables for your Locale

Strength, modularity, and style: a complete guide to choosing tables for your Establishment’s outdoor garden.

Tables are the customers’ first invitation to sit down when they enter an establishment. But choosing the right accessories for your outdoor garden requires even more care and thought than any other furniture.

In fact, in addition to fitting in with your brand’s style, garden tables should be designed in such a way as to allow for the maximum seating capacity possible with the maximum comfort, while at the same time guaranteeing high durability over time.

Ample, medium, bistro, and modular: when it comes to outdoor tables, the choices are truly infinite, but how do you recognize real Italian quality furniture? –> Also discover the new chair from the Dorio Collection!

Bistrot, RD Italia

The most important characteristics of outdoor tables

That they are ample, but not overly so, modular and customizable, but also durable and impervious to the passage of time. Recognizing quality outdoor tables is far from straightforward.

Quality outdoor tables are:
• made of steel
• treated with the Sendzimir immersion zinc bath procedure
• double action oxidation protection at the cut and welded points
• size, finish, and color can be customized
• can be customized with laser etching

Dorio, RD Italia

If we consider the infinite recycling possibilities of steel, we can define this material as incredibly ecological. Other types of materials used for creating outdoor tables may tend to lose their basic characteristics during the recycling process and are therefore often sent directly for disposal.

Steel, on the other hand, can be reused countless times without ever losing its incredible durability over time.

Choose garden tables that are in line with the style of your establishment

Something of such high quality cries out for style as well. The tables that are most easily maintained, besides being extremely resistant to all weather conditions and exposure during various seasons, allow for customization of all their most important features, from size to color to laser etching.

Reef, RD Italia

Refining the style of one’s locale, and making it instantly recognizable from the very first sight of the outside tables, is an increasingly effective investment in brand awareness. Using the logo and the colors of the brand to personalize the decor can prove to be a valuable ally in the long run by reinforcing the personality of the location itself.

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