How an outdoor chair is born: the story of Fancy Leaf

la fancy leaf, regina delle sedie bar da esterno

Choosing the right outdoor furniture for a restaurant or a bar is very important. The first rule that must be followed is to respect the style of your room using representative and memorable furnishings.

In 30 years of experience we have seen many trends in outdoor tables and chairs, and we know that the ability to differentiate leads to success. For this reason, in our catalog there is a product with a fresh and modern design (today in more variations) that represents our attention to innovation.


Fancy Leaf, the outdoor chair inspired by nature

Fancy Leaf is a line of chairs with a very particular design, which moves away from the most classic models and can integrate perfectly into modern and minimal environments. The project is by architect Dubi Colak and comes from the idea of recalling a design that was inspired by nature. In fact – as the name suggests – it represents the lines of a leaf, and becomes a symbol of the pleasure and freedom of spending time in the open air.


The secrets to creating a super-resistant outdoor chair

fasi di produzione della Fancy Leaf

The production of the Fancy Leaf model starts from the processing of two products: a tubular structure and a laser-cut perforated sheet. Both materials are pre-galvanized, that is coated with a thick layer of zinc both on the inside and on the outside. This guarantees durability and extreme resistance to weather and atmospheric agents.

Subsequently, the tubular structure is folded to form the various models of the Fancy Leaf series and welded to the perforated plate. Finally, the chairs are painted with polyester powder, a very suitable treatment for outdoor use.

Over the years, the Fancy Leaf has seen some minor changes for technical reasons, but has remained faithful to its aesthetic which recalls leaf shapes and freshness of nature.


The reasons for success: the present and future of Fancy Leaf

The Fancy Leaf line is much appreciated by our customers for its modern design and the wide palette of colors available, which has grown over the years to adapt to every trend. From the softest colors to the most intense and decisive ones, in addition to the classic white and anthracite, these chairs are great for many different situations and spaces. In fact, the Fancy Leaf line is chosen for decorating many modern-style spaces, both bars and restaurants. In addition to these outdoor areas, the Fancy Leaf products are just as perfect for indoor design.

Thanks to the various declinations of these seats, it is possible to furnish more areas of the room with the same style: for example, chairs with or without armrest at the tables and stools for the counter area. Moreover Relax line. is the novelty for the next season: we have designed a larger seat version, like a small armchair, and a two-seater sofa, maintaining the unmistakable style of the Fancy Leaf and adding maximum comfort. In addition, a matching table will also be available.

fancy linea relax

Fancy Leaf outdoor chairs are born from our craftsmanship experience. We know how important it is to differentiate ourselves, so we are always available to study tailor-made solutions with our customers in terms of specific models, colors and customizations.

Together, we will find the perfect solution to furnish your outdoor spaces with style.


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