RD Italia progetto internazionalizzazione con Regione Veneto

RD Italia s.r.l. has participated in the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Action 3.4.2 “Financial Incentives to Purchase Support Services for Internationalization for the benefit of SMEs”, with a non-repayable grant to carry out a consultancy on the internationalization of the company.

For more than 30 years, RD ITALIA has been producing high-quality outdoor metal furniture characterized by a refined design and attention to materials, especially specializing in contracts.

In the past, the company has experienced strong sales growth, which has strengthened its technical and productive capabilities. However, some critical issues have emerged, these have led to a strategic diversification and into new markets.

According to its own market analysis, it was considered strategic to increase the degree of internationalization of RD ITALIA by opening up to new foreign markets: the countries of the Near and Middle East.

These markets are potentially profitable in terms of business goals and products types and overall strategic for the global branding of RD Italy.

Rd Italia believes that the implementation of the project has led to the achievement of the expected objectives.



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