Outdoor chairs: with or without armrests?

How to choose outdoor chairs with or without armrests for more comfort and better reception.

Chairs play a silent and important role in our lives. While in the office they define our attitude, at home they give us small and big moments of conviviality with the family. In the warmer seasons, in the open air, they allow us to admire a landscape for a long time, give us the opportunity to read a book, chat with friends for hours under an umbrella.

Just as a comfortable chair can give us pleasant and relaxing moments, an uncomfortable chair can instead give us good reasons to change place, bar and public garden.


It is not for nothing that the chairs in the bars have to be selected with great care down to the smallest detail. In particular, the design must be consistent with the activities of the environments in which it is placed, and by design we mean not only aesthetics and adaptation, but also the functionality of the forms –> Discover the RD Italia chairs at Host Milan, from 18 to 22 October 2019!

Why choose a chair with armrests

In chairs, armrests are a detail that often takes second place to other details. However, they definitely make a difference for the end consumer. They are perfect for more static and quiet situations with medium to long stops, such as outdoor tables for lunch and dinner.


The armrests transfer protection, individuality, peace, relaxation and thus statics. It is better to avoid them in situations where movement and continuous movements are involved, such as in the most fashionable places.

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Why choose a chair without armrests

While outdoor chairs with armrests give their best, they invite you to enjoy the warmth of the spring sun and the fresh air of summer evenings in perfect comfort, chairs without armrests are better suited for indoor use or for aggregation.


This type of design conveys more dynamism and conviviality. It favours proximity between people who can therefore move, move and approach without obstacles or barriers.


Ideal outdoors or in places dedicated to evening entertainment, sea dancing or Friday night aperitifs in the city.

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