How to furnish the outdoor of the bar

3 tips for understanding how to furnish the outdoor of the bar and organize breakfasts, lunches and aperitifs outdoors.

Summer brings along the desire of enjoying the outdoors at every possible occasion. Breakfast, lunch break, snacks, coffee in the afternoon, aperitif in the evening: all of these moments lead people to meet in their favorite bar, to spend some quality time together.

Furniture as well as the surrounding environment play a fundamental role in the success of a meeting and in the atmosphere that can be created between the tables. In this article, we’ve put together 3 tips on how to furnish the outdoor of the bar with the right style and welcome customers in a pleasant area, even during summer.


Tip 1: Choose quality tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are two of the most important elements in any space and should not be underestimated. Before purchasing any piece of outdoor furniture, it is important to make sure it has been subjected to an external and internal galvanizing treatment. This treatment makes the tables and chairs resistant over time, insensitive to weather, salt and sunlight.


Of course, depending on space availability, tables should provide more seats, starting from seating options for two, up to the maximum possible. In this sense, modular furniture can help to meet the need to create large tables by combining several individual tables together.

Tip 2: Organize corners with stools and high tables

Thanks to the many American TV shows that are now an essential part of our free time, the typical corners with stools, benches and high tables are increasingly loved around the world. It’s impossible to ignore this trend!


Tip 3: Give your summer garden a touch of originality

The only way to distinguish yourself from other places is to characterize your environment with a unique touch of originality. To furnish the outdoor area of the bar you have to put your imagination into motion by imagining the ideal situations in which your customers might feel welcome and at ease. A bench and chairs covered with soft cushions, for example, can literally transform a simple outdoor garden into a corner dedicated to fun and relaxation.


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