How to Choose winterproof chairs

The tip for restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs: here you will find the features of chairs that can stand outdoors for the whole year.

How many times does it happen to sit on outdoor chairs that are worn out by time, aesthetically uninviting or even damaged?

In this post we have created a small guide to help owners of clubs, bars, pubs or restaurants, but also simple individuals, to identify the characteristics of outdoor chairs that can withstand the winter and outdoor exposure throughout the year.

The features of weatherproof outdoor chairs

Outdoor accessories, especially chairs, must meet aesthetic, technical, practical, as well as logistical and functional requirements.

Therefore, they must not only be visually appealing, but also easily stackable and storable, but also long lasting despite the effects of weather and seasonal climate changes.

Photo: Hapsal Dietrich – Külaliskorterid

3 features to look for in outdoor chairs

• double protection against corrosion

• mechanical protection obtained by immersion in a zinc bath

• cathodic protection obtained by cathodic transmigration

What is the purpose of double protection?
When choosing chairs for outdoor use, it is essential to ensure that they have double protection (mechanical and cathodic).

This double protection is extremely efficient to prevent oxidation of surfaces at intersections or welds. Therefore, a simple external coating is not enough to guarantee a long life of garden furniture exposed to the weather, in any season.

The double protection protects the chairs from:

• salt

• bad weather: rain, snow, ice, hail

• seasonal changes

• wear and tear

• dents

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